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The best book on growing grapes

The complete Grape growing system by Danie Wium is by far the best book I've read about growing grapes. Danie has a ' grape farm ' and this is what he does for a living. He has 40 permanent employees and during its peak harvest time, he contracts another 30 employees. He knows grapes!

SB book offers insight to the best way to grow grapes that I never before have read. He even gives you the low down on the origin of grapes!

There are a lot of pictures to guide you. It is only written for anyone to understand. So obviously, I now understand how to prune the vines that I just do not have understood before!

Detailed information on the complete structure of the grape traces so there is no misunderstanding of ' Canes ' to ' water ' to ' shoots '. There is even a diagram of where to take the cuttings of the vines. It includes ways to start your own grape cuttings to produce more vines, so you can start with only one vine if you wish.

Danie contains detailed instructions for constructing fences or Trellis and how to train the vines grow on them. There is no room for confusion about building a fence or Trellis.

Watering your grapes is no longer that a mystery to Danie makes it crystal clear on what is required. Danie wraps the book on control of pests and diseases. He offers some natural ways to get rid of pesky animals that would eat your grapes!

Danie closes his book with a way to contact him if you have any questions, or something in the book read that you don't understand, a little bit of ' tech support ' for grapes!

The book is true to the title, it is completely in every way. This is a book that is extremely valuable to me and is the only grape growing book that I own. I have search for the best book I could find that would give me all I need to know in order to grow grapes in my backyard with success. But I don't want to own a grape farm, I would like to grow my own grapes for eating fresh and jelly. This book is about any expectations that I was looking for.

I would highly recommend this book, The Complete Grape growing system, for anyone who wants to successfully grow grapes.


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